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Baywa r.e. Joins Forces with KUKA CABLE for Mutual Development

Baywa r.e. Joins Forces with KUKA CABLE for Mutual Development


On December 4th, the globally leading renewable energy company Baywa r.e. visited KUKA CABLE's manufacturing base in Shanghai. The two parties engaged in a one-day tour and exchange, with the aim of strengthening their partnership, accelerating business development, and building trust. As a renowned brand in the field of photovoltaic cables and accessories, KUKA CABLE has been instrumental in propelling BayWa r.e.'s renewable energy business forward, contributing to the global advancement of renewable energy.

Warm Welcome Reflecting Collaborative Spirit

At 10:30 AM, BayWa r.e.'s shuttle came to a gradual stop, and Junrhey Castro (Managing Director) along with 7 representatives responsible for sales, technology, and procurement (from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia) were welcomed by Tim (CEO) and his team, who presented flowers as a gesture of warm wishes.

In-depth Discussions on Collaboration Details, Driving Industry Innovation

The meeting commenced with both sides sharing company development data and history, reviewing past collaborations, and acknowledging KUKA CABLE's product quality, team execution, and responsibility, as affirmed by Baywa r.e. Positive market signals were conveyed, along with challenges encountered in market expansion.

Centered around opportunities and challenges, the two parties discussed and exchanged suggestions and ideas, outlined promotional strategies, and summarized details requiring optimization. In 2024, KUKA CABLE plans to hire local staff in Southeast Asia to collaborate with BayWa r.e. in conducting more effective market activities. Additionally, both parties will explore effective marketing strategies and methods locally, such as roadshows and conference invitations, to expedite the establishment of the brand in the Southeast Asian region. These initiatives will help customers better embrace KUKA CABLE's brand and genuinely experience the quality of products like cables and accessories.

Deep Exploration Revealing Industry Leading Position

Subsequently, the Baywa r.e. delegation gained insight into the production process of KUKA CABLE's solar cables, with particular attention to quality inspection. Inspectors demonstrated various tests, including aging and combustion tests.

During the combustion test, the delegation gathered to witness as the inspector directed an 800°C flame at the solar cable, heating it continuously for 60 seconds. When the flame extinguished, the cable also instantly went out and did not continue to burn. BayWa r.e. representatives tangibly experienced KUKA CABLE's strict control over quality.

Moreover, KUKA CABLE's core performance metrics, such as cable elongation at break and tensile strength, exceeded EN50618 standards. Tim was not surprised by this, explaining, "It's because we consistently prioritize quality and continuously strive to surpass standards." Subsequently, the touring group reviewed the testing reports and sample records of KUKA CABLE's orders from the past six months, introduced by technical personnel for customer product traceability.

Baywa r.e. Participates in Roundtable Forum, Sharing Collaboration Expectations

As the event concluded, BayWa r.e. representatives shared their practical impressions of the KUKA CABLE factory tour. They unanimously agreed that KUKA CABLE's performance in quality control was impressive. Tony expressed his joy in collaborating with KUKA CABLE: "I am very happy to work with you because you are flexible and support me and my team every time." In a cheerful atmosphere, the event successfully concluded. KUKA CABLE expressed anticipation for BayWa r.e.'s future visits, expecting further experience sharing to mutually drive KUKA CABLE's improvements in supporting BayWa r.e.'s global green energy business development.

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