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Bridging Miles, Unbounded Collaboration - Spanish Friend's Journey to Shanghai

Bridging Miles, Unbounded Collaboration - Spanish Friend's Journey to Shanghai

APRIL 10ST,2023

I am Bill, the sales director of KUKA CABLE, with over ten years of experience in the photovoltaic industry, serving customers from all over the world. This is the most memorable experience I have had, and I would like to document it to preserve this wonderful memory.

On a day in February 2023, we welcomed two friends from Spain to Shanghai. It was not just a business trip but also a journey of friendship across thousands of miles.

Before their arrival, we had not met, but we had already facilitated an important partnership. The trust the customers had in us made me feel honored. We prepared everything carefully, including the details of their visit and the sightseeing itinerary. We hoped to show them that we are not just an excellent photovoltaic manufacturer but also a trustworthy and warm-hearted partner.

Tim, the CEO, and I, together with the technical director, welcomed them and gave them a detailed introduction to our production process and technological innovation. Such communication enabled us to reach a deeper consensus on cooperation details and future development. We tasted authentic Chinese cuisine together and got to know each other better, opening up more in-depth communication. I have always believed that trust is the premise of cooperation, and sincerity is the foundation of trust。

The next day, we visited the beautiful scenery of Shanghai together. We went to Lujiazui and saw the three landmarks of Shanghai: the Shanghai Center, the Global Financial Center, and the Jinmao Tower. The view of the magical city skyline at the Bund was still breathtaking. Then we tasted traditional Chinese hotpot cuisine together and left some beautiful moments. I think that food can bring people longer-lasting memories and hope that it can serve as the "preservative" of our friendship.                                     

During the process, we left our wishes and blessings together, which were not only footprints left behind but also a witness to our friendship. Here, we blend Chinese and Western cultures together in words.

This journey not only deepened our friendship but also made us more confident in facing future cooperation. Cross-border cooperation knows no bounds, and we look forward to meeting again, embracing again, and again...

A brief account cannot fully express all that we have experienced. In any case, with so much expectation, I wish each other smooth sailing on the journey ahead.

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